WETTING SYSTEM Air System realizes and installs automatic wetting systems with pipe system and spray nozzle. The pipe and spray nozzles are placed above each of the cultivation bed and anchored to the shelves, this system allows to distribute the water evenly throughout the bed of cultivation. The ARS.200.1 computer records and the wetting program optimizing the operator's work.

The system is built with high quality materials to ensure reliability and lower management costs.
The control panel for the automatic wetting is composed of a touch screen display with symbologies very practical and manual controls located to the side of the display.

The dampening system allows the determination of the amount of water on the compound at each scheduled time. The watering can be programmed for a period of time, even remotely without the need of on-site operator presence, also the dampening are recorded by the control unit that allows the display of the total square liters for each production cycle.

The wetting are always monitored to ensure the correct delivery of water per square meter.
In any event of faults appears on the screen the symbol and the number of alarms.

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