AIR HANDLIG UNIT Air System provides air handling units (C.T.A.) to maintain precise and constant temperature and humidity conditions.

The air handling units for tunnels and for cultivation rooms are able to make a complete treatment of air by: filtration, conditioning, heating, hygrometric control, in all production cycles.

The air handling units are made up of:
• structure in magnesium aluminium or stainless steel
• bath to collect the condensate , double skin with isolation self-supporting
• Hot galvanized fan or stainless steel
• Fan frequency control by Inverter ( Danfoss, Fuji, Invertek ,…. )
• Control air dumper in aluminium
• Filtration system ,simple or high filtration.
• heat exchanger for heating and cooling made by magnesium aluminum fins and copper pipes
• regulation systems with control devices ( Belimo, Sauter, Honeywell,…. )

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