SCRUBBER Air system designs and produces scrubber plantsfor air treatment before emission in the atmosphere.The system is operated by means of a ARS.300.1 computer able to manage and monitor all the equipment and ventilation systems.

The system is realized by means the following components:
• aspiration fan realized in stainless steel / galvanized steel.
• washing tower realized in PP / PVC.
• collecting tub containing the liquid solution.
• relaunch pumps to the recirculation tub.
• Hydraulic system for the connection of the tower to the recirculation tub.
• distribution system of the liquid solution on the crossing section, executed with full cone nozzles in PP.
• washing ramps extractable and nozzles removable for maintenance.
• droplet separator placed at the end which retains the particles of water, avoiding its dragging out of the tower, easily removable for maintenance.
• automatic system forwater reintegration by level regulator with rods.

The plant can be constructed from one or more towers in series, or, based on characteristics of the fumes to be treated, can predict a solution with double stage tower.

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